Call of Duty Ghosts Fictional Story

Story writing: When you’re writing a good story you include Beginning, Middle, End. You’re detailed, you have a plot, a conflict and resolution, and character description. I like to start by introducing the setting. 


Call of Duty Ghosts – Jack and Bart version

It all started in a abandoned building in Utah, Salt Lake City to be exact. your in an abandon when flooded building.  water at your ankles running as fast as you can from the enemy. your running your teammate trips you don’t even notice.  The second you notice your shooting at them but your too late they have your teammate and are dragging him away but you escape.  later you become the best ghost of all time after your teammate disappeared later you figure out the Federation has brain washed him your greatest teammate   is your greatest enemy.


to be continued………

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iPhone 5c and 5s review

The iPhone 5c is an iPhone 5 just with colour so what is the point in getting it if you already own a five. If you want a new phone no matter what phone you have now, I suggest the iPhone 5s. It is better than the five and no one can break into your phone anymore with the iPhone 5s because you need one of your fingers and thumbs to get in. Also on the app store you don’t need to type in your password anymore you just need a fingerprint. So get the 5s available at apple, rogers, bell, and online get it now.


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Jack. Describe a pickle

a pickle is green a cosine to the evil cucumber pickles are sweater tastier and they go on burgers!!   

i like pickles you should if you have never had a pickle before it one it’s life changing from your fellow pickle informer 



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The Blog

First post

This is Bart. Jack and I are going to create a blog to write stories. Mostly we’re working on our writing, but we also want to create some cool stories. 

I’m into playing hockey. I also like Xbox. I’m just getting used to slalom skiing and practice at Jack’s cottage. 

This is Jack. i like to play halo and call of duty i slolam ski at my cottage sice i was 7 i also snow ski i am a racer at alpine its fun i like soccer, hockey, basketball, football, and more 

Stay tuned for more stuff and adventures, true and made up. 

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